You can help ensure relief and loving support for Masons
like Ed and his wife Peggy


You never know when it will happen. How quickly or slowly your health will fail. How your life will change forever. The cruel effects of dementia had a firm and debilitating grip on Ed. After 61 years of marriage, Peggy didn’t know what to do. She felt scared and alone.

“Ed was getting worse and worse, and as hard as I tried, I
just couldn’t take care of him by myself any longer.”  – Peggy

Hardworking and true, they had never met a hardship they couldn’t get through together....until now. It was a heavy burden for Peggy to bear. Can you imagine being in her shoes? What would you do? Who would you turn to?

That’s when she reached out to Masonic Pathways for help. When Ed and Peggy first arrived at Pathways, they were financially comfortable. Ed received the quality intensive care he so desperately needed to manage his Dementia. Peggy cared for most of her own daily needs and received much-needed respite while still spending precious time with him. Over the next weeks and months, Peggy began to exhale.

And then she realized, they were running out of money.

Because Ed had been a loyal Mason, the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation stepped in to ensure he could live his remaining days in comfort, and Peggy would never have to worry about not having a roof over her head. She would never be alone.

“No matter what tragedy hits you, they’re right there and
can’t do enough to help you.”  – Peggy

Your generous gift ensures relief and loving support for Masons like Ed and his wife Peggy. Your loyal support will ensure The Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation will be here for you and the ones you hold dearest.

Please give your most generous gift now, and it will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $33,700 thanks to our Challenge Leaders.

With gratitude,

Walter F. Wheeler, PGM
Executive Director, Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation

P.S. You turn loneliness into love, regret into relief, and tragedy into truth with your gift.

P.P.S. Make twice the impact! Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $33,700 through December 31st.



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